Essay on women empowerment for speech and writing

write an essay on women empowerment

write an essay on women empowerment

It is often said that in the war of life that man fights against circumstances. The role of woman is of second line. This thing is certainly very important, but today we do not make any distinction between man and woman so far as their equality of status is concerned.

Women also have the same right to be on the front lines as men have as far as the ability of both is concerned, it has been proved that the sum total of women’s abilities is not less than the sum total of man’s abilities. But we see that the position of women in our society is not what it should be.

Women have a secondary position with men in the society. The distinction between a boy and a girl is made in most of our families right from birth. A major part of the nutritious food received in the family goes to the boy. He is given more attention in matters of education and other opportunities for advancement.

As the child grows older, the chains of restrictions become tighter and tighter on her. With the passage of time, the inferiority gland starts developing in him and this gland supports him till death. In the market of marriage, it is treated like a commodity, dowry deals are settled like business deals, those who bring insufficient dowry have to suffer various kinds of sufferings and sometimes even death.

The woman who is the mother of all of us has been pushed into this oppressed condition. The birth of a girl child in the family is an occasion of despair, while the birth of a boy, the chariot of social life to celebrate and celebrate cannot run on one wheel, but still do not know why the importance of the second wheel is less recognized?

In many homes, women do not lead a better life than a slave. They do not get a better place than ‘wood chippers and water pullers’. Can a society in which women are treated as such, progress? Women constitute almost half of the population.

If this half part remains underdeveloped, its growth stops in the middle and which lacks the enjoyment of the opportunities that make life complete, then it is impracticable to expect such a society that it will be able to develop to its full potential. No country is made great by underdeveloped personalities and this is the reason why India has been left behind in the race for progress.

In India we are familiar with the names of great women in different walks of life; Gargi, Lopamudra, Razia, Ramabai, Rani of Jhansi, Sarojini Naidu, Vijayalakshmi Pandit, Indira Gandhi are to name a few of the line of eminent women who have graced the pages of history in different eras, but these were the women who were the most Greater than the atmosphere of the time, she had torn apart the adversity that came her way.

If we had not created artificial obstacles in the way of development of women, then our society would have been stronger, more powerful, more vibrant and more development oriented, but we have lost the opportunity. The deplorable condition of women certainly became an obstacle in the race for the heights of achievements and development.

Yastu naaryah pujyante ramantetra deva! It’s still not too late. Let us give the woman the place she deserves, give her the status of prestige and equality, respect and recognition.

Since independence, we have definitely started thinking and working in this direction, through many legal measures, we have tried to get them out of the quagmire of deplorable condition.

Dowry Prevention Act 1961 which was amended in 1986, Maternity Benefit Act 1961 which was amended in 1976, Factories Amendment Act 1976, Equal Remuneration Act 1976, Sharda Act etc. are some of the measures which have been adopted recently to improve the condition of women. Has gone. The Central Social Welfare Board implements programs for women.

Women also implemented the National Plan of Action for Women. It also has a Women’s Bureau, which is implementing the suggestions of the committee constituted on the status of welfare works to be done for women. In 1976 the additional one coordinates.

To ensure special attention to women, a special department of women and child development was opened under the Ministry of Human Resources in 1985. Recently a National Commission for Women has also been set up.

The Panchayat Raj Act, which came into existence as a result of the 73rd Amendment to the Constitution, has provided 30 percent reservation for women, including women belonging to the Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes, in various level institutions of Panchayat Raj.

Apart from this, there is also a proposal that seats should be reserved for women in the national parliament and state legislatures. India celebrated the year 2001 as the year of women empowerment. The program being run by the Government of India to empower women will show results in time.

Prime Minister’s new program to empower women, through which efforts are being made to convert the birth of a girl child from an occasion of despair into an occasion of joy and happiness, is only a small step.

A law has also been made to determine the sex of the child in the womb itself and if there is a girl child in the womb, then this trend of termination of pregnancy has also been stopped.

Some states have started giving reservation to women in government jobs, which is a good thing. The Rajasthan government has just (2007) made the provisions of the Child Marriage Prohibition Act more stringent. Both the above steps are good efforts towards women empowerment.

Real life will come when women’s education is ensured 100%. Unless there is a revolutionary change in our attitude towards both the sexes and discrimination against women does not end, the work of women’s emancipation cannot be completed.

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