How to do the haulage trial in tractor ?

How to do the haulage trial in tractor ?

Hello friends, all of you are welcome to this blog and today we will talk about how Haulage does trial in tactor as well as what components are there to do Haulage trial. Why do Haulage do trials, so let’s start.

What is the Haulage Trial?

Haulage Trial A trial in which we drive this tractor for a certain distance and see how much fuel the tractor consumes per hour, what is the speed per hour and how much distance it covers per liter.


Components for the Haulage Trial

Dummy tank

In the haulage trial, instead of using the fuel tank, a dummy tank should be used, so that the fuel consumption can be measured accurately.



Whenever you go for the Haulage trial, then definitely take the techometer because without setting the RPM of the tractor, the Haulage trial cannot be done.


cane and pipe

This cane fills the fuel present in the fuel tank into the can with the help of a pipe so that the fuel which can be measured quickly by pouring it into the dummy tank.



It is very good to measure fuel consumption with the help of a jar and definitely keep it with you.


How to do the Haulage Trial?


With 15 Ton Loaded Trolley

Step 1

First of all attach the 15 ton loaded trolley with the tractor and fill the dummy tank completely with fuel.

Step 2

Set the tractor’s engine to 85% of the rated rpm, ie, the tractor’s rated rpm is 2000, then 85% means it will run at 1700 rpm.

Step 3

After setting the rpm, prepare the timer and the space to cover the distance of 15 km and start the tractor with the timing.

Step 4

After covering a distance of 15 km, the tractor should stop and the timer also shows the time taken to cover the distance of 15 km.

Step 5

With the help of a jar, put the fuel per liter in a dummy tank of measurement until the dummy tank is filled and see how much fuel is used to fill the dummy tank and write it in your copy.

Now after following all these steps, we get these three values, like take mind

Distance covered – 15 KM

Time – 40 mins 20 sec

Consumption fuel – 3.5 liters

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