Science in the service of man essay

Essay on science in the service of man – According to Jawaharlal Nehru, today’s life is governed and influenced by the branches of science and without their existence cannot be imagined. Agriculture, medicine, trade, communication, transport, industry, press and many other areas of life are that science Who has done more miracles than ‘Flying Carpet’ and ‘Aladdin’s Lamp’. Science has reduced the limit of impossibility by its wondrous achievements so much that we can now make anything and everything possible. can believe.

Science in the service of man essay

High speed means of transport and communication

Science has invented railways, trains, motor cars, airplanes and other means of transport, which have undoubtedly increased human happiness. Now we can travel to far away places and countries in a very short time.

Different parts of the world are connected to each other by the fast means of transport. Apart from this, means of communication like telegraph, wireless and telephone, telex have also increased the convenience in our life.

Newly developed satellite communication facilities and the resulting communication explosion have further narrowed time and space, connecting people from one part of the Earth with people from another and distant parts of it. Computer and Internet have done wonders in the field of communication.

All this has led to the internationalization of the attitude of the people. This has given us a new happiness which we had never experienced before. Wireless cellular telephone has given new dimensions to wireless communication system.

With a wireless phone device in our pocket, we can go anywhere and send and receive messages over long distances. Now anyone can call from running car and moving train also. This is really a revolutionary contribution to the communication system.

The invention of electricity and steam power

The invention of electricity has brought revolution in our life. Electricity is used to light the house at night. In summer, we consume air from an electric fan. Apart from this, electricity is used in many household tasks like cooking, heating the room, pressing, cleaning clothes etc., due to which the work of housewife has become very easy.

Victory of Science in Medicine and Surgery

Science has also increased human happiness in the field of medicine and surgery. The discoveries of science have helped humans in fighting against deadly diseases like smallpox, cholera, plague, tuberculosis, rabies, polio and even cancer.

Medical science has opened the doors to discover the secrets of many medicines and new medicines are being discovered continuously to cure human suffering.

Modern technology of organ transplantation from one body to another. More safe and faster surgery by laser, photography of the internal parts of the human body and accurate diagnosis of diseases through it, etc. have opened the doors for humans to live longer.

Opportunities are also opening up for the treatment of incurable diseases like cancer and AIDS. Although death has not been conquered, but it has become possible to be aware of premature death. It is the gift of science for human happiness.


Scientific discoveries and inventions have made great improvements in the field of agriculture and have increased the yield of the land. Tractor has just been invented and this instrument of science has solved the problem of under-production to a great extent.

Scientific discoveries made in the field of agriculture have greatly improved the seeds, animals, fertilizers and plants. The use of nuclear power to grow plants has provided a new hope for increasing the production of crops.

Entertainment tools

Cinema, gramophone, radio and television are some of the popular means of entertainment, which science has given us. Songs in cinema films, beautiful dance and grand acting add to the joy of the cinema-goers.

Radio and wireless are great sources of entertainment for civilized people. Television is a very recent invention of science and people who have television sets in their homes, they get great pleasure from it. The evolution of video has revolutionized our entertainment facilities.

Another miracle of science is the computer. Its ubiquitous use in every sphere of life has increased new limits in human comfort. Computer games provide entertainment by eliminating the monotony of continual copy at very low cost.

Space exploration and electronics

Today’s human has gained a lot of interference in space. New areas have opened up for the full development of man’s courageous instincts and risk-taking abilities. Due to this, it has been possible to save thousands of lives, which would have ended in the absence of this knowledge, through correct prediction about the weather, so that people engaged in weather related work get early warning.

There has certainly been an increase in this most human happiness. Man has been successful in solving many mysteries of distant space with the invention of very esoteric technology and complex satellites and space planes.

Man has already reached the Moon and has been able to reach the spacecraft to Venus and Mars. The journey of space will add to the nature of man’s wonder and courage and will give indescribable happiness to his thirsty heart.

The progress made in the field of electronics in every sphere of life has opened the doors of indescribable possibilities. This has definitely increased the amount of human happiness.

science and human suffering

So far we have seen that the discoveries and inventions of science have greatly increased human happiness, but we should also look at the other side of the picture. Science is also responsible for many miseries and sufferings of human beings.

Science is responsible for modern wars. Machine guns, explosives, poisonous gas, atomic, hydrogen and neutron bombs have been invented by science to destroy mankind.

Laser rays were used to kill people mercilessly, this invention creates tremors in our whole body. Too much industrialization, which is a product of science, has given rise to the problem of environmental degradation. Pollution of air, water and food poses an equal threat to our lives, the problem of slums is the result of science.

A very large section of the urban population is forced to live a life below the human level, due to which living in cramped places has given rise to industrialization. Spirituality has disappeared from the lives of human beings and people have been gripped by firm materialism.

Apart from this, science has made man selfish, greedy and jealous. The biggest loss science has done to us is that peace has been removed from our lives. Due to all this, we are definitely compelled to think and believe that science has come to us as a curse, not a boon.


But is science responsible for our sufferings? The reality is that we are not responsible for our happiness and sorrow, but science. For example, nuclear power can be used for both destructive and constructive purposes. The use of science by human beings determines sorrow and suffering.

If science is used for creative work, then it is a great gift to man, a divine gift to humanity. There are possibilities of infinite discoveries in science right now. Human beings are still trying how to cure incurable diseases, the cloning method is continuously developing.

There are still possibilities of interplanetary travel. Those days are not far, when travels to other planets will also become accessible for us and we will be able to have contact with the living beings on them. That will be a very exciting experience.

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