What is a clutch and types of clutch in vehicles ?

What is a clutch and types of clutch in vehicles ?

As we all know that clutch plays an important role in the transmission of power in the tractor, that is, the power generated from the engine reaches the front wheel and PTO, so in today’s article we will know what is the “clutch” in the tractor and how it works? we will also know which types of clutch is used in the tractor and which clutch is better for our work, so let’s know.

What is a clutch ?

This is a very important part in the tractor, which is helpful in transmitting forward the power generated in the engine. Whenever the operator needs to change gears, he can easily change gears by stopping the transmission.


Types of clutch

Clutch in tractor is divided on the basis of clutch operation, material base, spring base and friction plate diameter, so let us know what are the different types of clutches.

Types of clutch

Based on operation

What is Single Clutch ?

A single pedal and a clutch plate are available inside the single clutch. When the operator depresses this clutch, the transmission stops and at the same time any device that operates with the PTO stops.

“A single clutch consists of a single pedal, from which both the transmission and the PTO are operated simultaneously.”


What is a dual clutch transmission ?

Dual clutch has a long pedal, which takes two steps to operate. If the operator depresses the clutch halfway, the transmission stops, which is the first step. But the PTO will continue, if the operator depresses the clutch all the way, both the transmission and the PTO stop, which is the second step.

“In dual clutch pressing half the pedal can stop the transmission and full pressing stops both the transmission and the PTO.”


What is double clutch ?

The double clutch consists of a pedal and a hand lever, the hand lever located to the left of the driver’s seat. When the operator has to stop the transmission, the pedal is depressed and can operate the PTO using a hand lever, which is called an IPTO lever. This IPTO liver is very helpful to the farmer, if the tractor has to leave the field, then with the help of IPTO liver, the tractor can easily get out by stopping the favor attached to the PTO.

“In a double clutch, the transmission is operated by the pedal and the PTO is operated by the hand lever.”


Based on material

organic clutch

The organic clutch is circular in shape and the organic clutch is mostly used for standard driving, as the organic clutch has a longer life. The material used to make organic clutch discs is metallic fiber mixed with organic materials and also organic clutches provide good distance ability and smooth clutch engagement.


ceramic clutch

The ceramic clutch is petals-like in shape. Ceramic clutch absorbs more heat than organic clutch, which makes ceramic clutch better suited for high performance applications. In ceramic clutch the engagement and disassembly of transmission is much faster so that ceramic clutch is mostly used for high performance driving.


Based on spring

Coil spring

This is an old technology. When the driver presses the finger attached to the clutch assembly with the help of a clutch foot, the spring is actuated and the spring is activated. But by doing this again and again, the feet start hurting and it also takes more effort.


Diaphragm Spring

This is a new spring according to modern technology, which is called diaphragm spring. It is circular in shape. It has small blades which are on the inside. Pressing this blade causes the action of the spring. This technology is available in single clutch and dual clutch. It has an advantage that the feet do not hurt due to pressing the pedal repeatedly.


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